The Nick Ambraseys Session

Special session in memory of Nicholas Neocles Ambraseys (1929-2012)

John Douglas

Organiser: John Douglas (France)

Nick Ambraseys’s research interests were varied and stretched from trying to better understand the earthquake source, through critical evaluation of historical documents and seismograms; via strong-motion studies seeking to improve predictions of shaking in future earthquakes for engineering purposes; to understanding and modelling the influence of this shaking on soil, buildings and populations. As he said in replying to the award of the Seismological Society of America’s Reid Medal in 2006: ‘the site of a damaging earthquake is a full-scale laboratory from which significant discoveries may be made, by seismologists, geologists, engineers, sociologists, or economists, not to mention politicians’. Therefore, any research connected with the critical examination of all types of information connected with earthquakes, especially through extensive field missions, was of particular interest to him.

In view of Nick’s ‘broadband’ approach, we invite contributions to this special session on: earthquake studies based on historical documents, field studies of earthquake faulting, improvements in instrumental catalogues, use of seismic data to better understand the earthquake source, improvements to ground-motion prediction, use of strong-motion data to examine problems in geotechnical earthquake engineering and structural engineering and, a subject particularly close to Nick’s heart: field missions, which he passionately believed were invaluable to the education of anyone with an interest in earthquakes and their effects.